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If your dryer or bath vents are going anywhere near your attic, it's important to make sure that they are vented properly. The wet, hot air can have a harsh effect on your roof because of the condensation. It can also create interior damage, such as watermarks on the celing and eventually mold.

MidAmerican Energy often provides rebates for their customers who take the initiative to improve their home's insulation. Call to learn about this deal.

Take care of your attic and it will repay you in kind

Your roof is the most exposed surface of your entire home. Without the right insulation, you lose a lot of the hot or cold air you're paying to pump into your home. Take a few simple steps to improve that insulation and see how much money you can save.


Improving your attic ventilation and room insulation are also great ways to increase the lifespan and health of your room. Changing temperatures can have a big impact on materials like wood, and these upgrades reduce the damage. Call our team today for a quote and we'll be happy to discuss all the possibilities ahead. There is no charge as long as Right Roofing completes the work.

Need more incentive to get started?

Your vents have a big impact

Without proper attic ventilation, your home will become a stifling mess throughout the summer. Hot air always rises, and if it has no place to exit through your attic, it will create a cushion of punishing heat that persists from spring to fall. We can help!

Give your home the ventilation it needs for proper air circulation

Mid American Energy Rebates Available


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